Nano-Stick Spectrometer

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Nano-Stick Spectrometer (NS) is a product of Nano-Optic Devices, LLC, based on its revolutionary technology Digital Planar Holography (DPH), which allows for managing, processing, and guiding light inside miniature integrated optics devices.   The DPH devices can be fabricated with microlithography methods using the CMOS process.  A typical hologram inside the NS consists of millions of nano-features, embedded inside a planar waveguide.  Light propagating in the hologram resonantly interacts with the nano-features, location and configuration of which determines  the device transfer function.   Specifically, in the Nano-Stick spectrometer the DPH chip performs spectral dispersion of input light and focusing spectral components at a linear detector array.  Digitized signals are transferred via a USB link to a computer for processing and displaying.

     Nano-Stick main features:


  • Fiber input

  • Miniature size

  • Absence of adjustable components


  • Power supplied through the USB cable

  • Ruggedness and robustness

  • User-friendly software


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