Nano-Clarity operating software

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     Nano-Clarity is the software for Nano-Stick Spectrometer.  


  • Acquire & Display multiple spectra

  • Auto exposure control with dark spectrum interpolation

  • Dark spectrum interpolation

  • Automated wavelength calibration

  • Dynamic peak finder - no need to set a threshhold level

  • Includes Software development kit (SDK)


     Latest version: Nano-Clarity 165.



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Nano-MCS operating software

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     Nano-MCS is the software for Nano-Tune Tunable Laser.  


  • Complete Monitoring and Control of Laser and Integral Spectrometer

  • Real Time feedback Look for Monitoring and Controlling laser output

  • Spectrometer displays peak wavelength, peak width and measured output power

  • Abilty to change display options and save spectrum files

  • Driver Interface included for user's own custom application software


     Latest version: Nano-MCS 150b.


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