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  • Optics Integrated on wafer chip

  • High Resolution (0.15 nm) in USB memory stick size package 

  • Never needs re-calibration 

  • Insensitive to temperature & vibration changes 

  • Selection of standard and custom wavelength ranges

  • Perfect for hand held applications, USB powered 

Nano-Stick Datasheet:

models & specifications

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Nano-Tune Datasheet:

models & specifications

  • Real Time Wavelength Monitoring & Control

  • Tunable over ~ 10 nm range @ high resolution

  • Single Mode Lasing without Mode-Hopping

  • Cost Efficient over externally stabilized lasers

  • Optimized for both industrial Integration & Scientific Applications

  • Temperature Stabilized

  • Ultra Compact Package Size

  • USB Controlled 


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  • Spectrometers with customuzed bandwidth

  • Spectral resolution up to 0.07 nm

  • Spectral range defining accuracy up to 0.01 nm

  • OEM solutions

  • DPH wafer chips

  • Tunable lasers

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