Nano-Tune Tunable Laser

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        The Nano-Tune Tunable Diode Laser incorporates a highly stable diode laser system with an integral high resolution spectrometer to provide real time monitoring and closed-loop control of the laser output. The Nano-Tune tunable diode lasers are tunable over a wide wavelength range ( ~ 10nm) at very high intervals (0.2 nm steps) thru the monitoring and control provide by the integral spectrometer. This monitor and control feedback loop allows users to fine tune the emission within a longitudinal mode without worrying about the laser diode jumping (mode hoping) into the next mode. At the heart of the monitor and control loop is a Nano-Stick DPH spectrometer that provides very high resolution in an incredibly small package and at a very affordable price to provide extreme diode laser performance at a fraction of the price of externally stabilized laser systems. This combination of high performance diode laser and integral spectrometer in a highly cost efficient and ultra compact package, makes the Nano-Tune diode laser system perfectly suited for the most demanding industrial and scientific applications.

     Nano-Tune main features:


  • Real Time Wavelength Monitoring & Control

  • Tunable over ~10 nm range @ high resolution

  • Single Mode Lasing without Mode-Hopping 

  • Cost Efficient over externally monitored lasers

  • Optimized for both Industrial Integration & Scientific Applications

  • Temperature Stabilized

  • Ultra Compact Package Size

  • USB Controlled


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